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When you are working with 100 Mbps speeds, you will need the best router for 100Mbps internet to prevent you a world of frustration.

As an ever-increasing amount of devices require WiFi connectivity, you need a router that can provide WiFi to all devices that need it, while still making the most of your internet speeds.

It is important to look at all of the features that come with a quality router, including its speeds, the number of bands that it has, and even what kind of features does it offer to give you the most for your money.

No two networks are identical, so your router will need to be able to cover your network’s needs.

100 Mbps internet is not slow, even though there are other faster speeds coming onto the scene. Combine this speed with all of the right features, and you will find that you have excellent, stress-free home internet.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Router For 100 Mbps Internet

100 Mbps Wireless Router

Real-Life WiFi Speed

While router manufacturers are not lying to you when they list a WiFi speed, the speed that they give is still not going to be right.

That is because those speeds will only work in a perfect world, where your ISP can reach those speeds, you have no interference, and you have no bandwidth drain. Your real-life WiFi speed is what you actually get, which is not going to match up with what the router advertises.

Number Of Bands & Wireless Standard

Another thing to consider when choosing a router for 100 Mbps internet is the amount of bands that it comes with. Single-band routers do still exist, but are not really what you should go for. Dual-band, or even tri-band, is the way to go to get more bandwidth.

Also, the wireless standard should be looked at. Go for either an 802.11ac or 802.11ax (WiFi 6) for best performance.

Processor and RAM

The processor and RAM also matter when it comes to looking for the best router for 100Mbps internet. A powerful processor will be able to improve your network’s efficiency. When you have more RAM, your router will be able to process data quicker.

This is especially important if you are streaming. You should be looking for a router that has at least 256 MB of RAM, but more is also good. 

MU-MIMO Technology

With everyone streaming something today, whether it is Netflix, a game, or even a video conference, your internet can easily become bogged down.

MU-MIMO technology allows your router to efficiently process more than one stream at the same time, keeping everything up and running as smoothly, and buffer-free, as possible. That way, if more than one person needs to be on a Zoom call at the same time, the router will allow it to happen.

7 Best Routers For 100Mbps Internet (2020)





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1. Netgear R8000

Editor's Choice

3200 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear RAX120

High Performance

6000 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Motorola MR2600

Budget Friendly

2600 Mbps

4 Ports


4. Eero Mesh WiFi

Extended Coverage

2000 Mbps

2 Ports


5. Netgear C7000

Modem Router

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


6. Asus ROG AX11000

For Gaming

11000 Mbps

4 Ports


7. Turris Omnia

Open Source

3200 Mbps

5 Ports


1. Netgear Nighthawk R8000 WiFi Router

Best Router For 100Mbps (Editor's Choice)

For the best router for 100 Mbps internet, you cannot do better than the Netgear Nighthawk R8000. This is a powerful router that has some of the best router capabilities that you will ever find.


Let’s start by taking a look at the R8000’s design first. It is large and bulky, so it will take up a lot of room on whatever shelf or desk you put it on. It has 6 antennas that can be pointed in the directions that you need the most signal, but somehow do not seem as strong as the rest of the router, so be careful when you reposition them.

The Nighthawk R8000 also has four high-speed 1G wired Ethernet ports that can hardwire in your devices that need a more direct connection. You also can use both Smart Connect and the Circle App to make things easier. The Smart Connect app gives you a direct connection to your router’s activity while the Circle App is there to help you manage parental controls.


The performance of the R8000 is fantastic, which is one of the reasons we chose it. It covers up to 3,500 square feet and comes with MU-MIMO technology and supports up to 55 devices, so you will have enough support for all of your devices.

Since this is a tri-band router, you get a combined total of 4,000 Mbps and are unlikely to run into traffic. Your actual speed depends greatly on your package with Cox internet, but it will make the most of it. Finally, the Netgear Nighthawk R8000comes with heavy-duty streaming with 4K Ultra-HD as well.

  • Tri-band
  • Supports up to 55 devices
  • Up to 3,500 sq ft in coverage
  • Smart Connect

2. Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 WiFi Router

High Performance

When you need even higher performance than the R8000 can bring, you need to check out the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120. This is another router from the Nighthawk line, but its abilities go beyond most other routers.


Let’s start with the design. The RAX120 has a different kind of design than other routers. Instead of the more traditional external antennas that you would find with most routers, the RAX120 has two fins that act has high powered antennas. The antennas themselves are concealed within the fins.

Additionally, the Nighthawk RAX120 is comes with not just one 3.0 USB port, but two 3.0 USB ports. It even has a 2.5/5G Ethernet port. All of this connectivity capability will allow you to really connect any device that you want to and get that uninterrupted coverage that you really want.


The RAX120 easily supports 12 simultaneous streams, which has more capacity to support many WiFi devices at the same time, which will keep your network running smoothly without any trouble, regardless of how many devices are on at the same time. It also comes with Beamforming+ to get that extended range that you need and MU-MIMO technology to allow more than one user at a time.

The RAX120 can easily reach up to 6 Gbps in speeds, which might not matter much to you with your 100 Mbps internet, but it also means that your router will be able to handle faster speeds if your internet gets any faster. It will not let you down when it comes to performance at all.

  • 12 simultaneous streams
  • 2 x 3.0 USB ports
  • 4 x 1 Gigabit ports
  • Speeds up to 6 Gbps
  • Up to 3500 square feet in coverage
  • The antennas are hidden within fins so you can’t move them

3. Motorola MR2600 Smart WiFi Router

Budget Friendly

Great router for 100 Mbps that works within a tighter budget is the Motorola MR2600. This is a quality router that will still deliver on performance, though it has fewer perks than you will find with the more expensive routers.


To begin with, the design of the MR2600 is the basic black router look, meaning that it sits horizontally. It also has four powerful antennas to help extend the signal through walls or other obstacles. The antennas can be moved as well so they point in the direction that needs the strongest signal.

It has a USB 3.0 port, but unfortunately it is located in the front of the router, making it awkward to attempt to plug something in. It also has four Gigabit LAN ports, so you will be able to wire in whatever devices need a more reliable connection, whether it is a gaming system or an HDTV, or something else.


When look at the performance of the MR2600, the router advertises speeds up to 800 Mbps, which is impressive for something that is also budget friendly. You will still be limited by the 100 Mbps, but it’s good that it can do more. It is a dual band router as well, working on both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz channels, ensuring that you do not get bogged down by traffic from anyone nearby.

It comes with Wave 2 MU-MIMO, which allows multiple devices to stream at the same time. This is great if you have any online gamers on your network or simply two people who want to stream without interruption. Combined with Beamforming and you have what you need.

  • Wave 2 MU-MIMO
  • Implicit/explicit Beamforming
  • Four external adjustable antennas
  • 4x4 performance
  • USB 3.0 port
  • USB port is awkwardly set on the front of the router

4. Eero Pro Mesh WiFi System

Extended Coverage

Some networks need more coverage than others do. If you need an extended coverage router, we suggest the eero Pro Amazon Mesh system. This might be one of the newer routers on the market, but it will not disappoint.


Let’s start with the design of the eero. The eero is sleek and white, and is easy to hide. You will need to place three points throughout your home with this system, so it’s good they are concealable.

The eero Pro comes with two auto-detecting Ethernet ports that allow you to connect this to your modem or another device easily. The three points that you get with one pack will give you a total of six ports.

The eero comes with good security features, such as threat scans, content warnings, and ad-blocking. Sadly, this router system requires you to upgrade to eero Secure+ to get the best security features from it, which is a paid subscription.


Looking at the performance for the eero, the eero supports wireless speeds up to 350 Mbps, so it will handle your 100 Mbps internet without any trouble. It is a dual-band router that has an intelligent function that will divert traffic to the appropriate band, ensuring that you do not run into unexpected traffic with your streaming devices. It also has a quick setup, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Finally, the three WiFi points that come with the router can give you up to 5,000 square feet in coverage. Since this is a mesh system, the coverage can be further expanded when you add on extra WiFi points, making it ideal for larger square footage homes.

  • Concealable design
  • The 3 points can cover up to 5,000 sq ft
  • Automatic software updates
  • Quick setup
  • Coverage can be extended
  • The security features require a subscription

5. Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Modem Router

Modem Router Combo

For a router that is built into a modem, we recommend the Netgear Nighthawk C7000. This is a cable modem with a powerful built-in router, so it will get the job done.


The Netgear Nighthawk C7000 has a vertical design, which will help keep the device cool while also ensuring that it does not take up much space on your shelf. The base of the combo unit is not as sturdy as other units, so it is not advised that you put this in any place where it might get bumped, since it will like fall over.

You also get 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 2 USB ports that will help give you the best wired connections possible. It does have built-in parental controls and other security features, such as WEP support and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.


The C7000 has great performance for a combo unit. This works best for cable speeds up to 400 Mbps, which is enough to handle HD streaming devices or gaming devices. It is also a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem so you know that the C7000 unit is not going to fail you. Of course, you will still only get the 100 Mbps you pay for, but more capability is always nice.

This device allows you to connect up to 30 devices at the same time, which is ideal for the average home. The wireless speeds are up to 1900 Mbps, which is exactly what you want for HD streaming. It provides up to 1,800 square feet in wireless coverage, which should be able to handle most home networks without any trouble.

  • Allows up to 30 connected devices
  • Router has up to 1,800 square feet coverage
  • 24x8 channel bonding
  • WPA/WPA2 security
  • Speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • The design is weak

6. Asus ROG Rapture AX11000 WiFi Router

For Gaming

Even if you feel like 100 Mbps is not fast internet, you should still expect to get good performance if you are a gamer. 


The Rapture AX11000 is incredibly large, because of everything that the router can do, but it is still huge. The design is so big that you are not going to be able to hide this router, even if you wanted to.

The AX11000 sits flat on a surface and has 8 high-powered antennas, extending from every side of the router. Because of its size, it risks overheating if it is not in a well-ventilated place. It will need to be centrally located in a room for best performance.

The AX11000 is made for gaming, so it also has a 2.5 G gaming port, for best performance. The Gaming Center interface is ROG-themed as well, which provides an easy point-and-click control over everything that you need to set up or do with your router. It really was designed with gamers in mind.


The most impressive thing about the AX11000 is its performance. It is really made for gamers, but would also work for anyone who wants high speeds from their router. Even though it is capable of more speeds, you will still be limited by your 100 Mbps available speeds.

The triple-level acceleration will boost game traffic while lowering the ping rate and reducing the game latency, for an overall better experience. As a result, the router is reliable and high-speed, making it perfect if you are gaming online. Finally, it offers triple-level game acceleration with game package and game server prioritization.

  • 8 high-gain antennas
  • Triple level game acceleration
  • AiProtection
  • Tri-band
  • 2.5 G gaming port
  • Prone to overheating

7. Turris Omnia Open Source WiFi Router

Open Source

If you are looking for a router that is open source, we suggest the Turris Omnia for 100 Mbps. This is a different kind of router, but it comes with all of the abilities that you would want from an open source, provided you know how to use it.


The design of the Turris Omnia is boxy and bulky. It comes with three antennas that can be moved to point in whatever direction that you need them to go as well. It comes with six Ethernet ports, so you will be able to wire-in whatever devices that you really want to. It also has a USB 3.0 port.

The security configuration with this router is easy to set up and it also has automatic updates, keeping your system as current as possible with any new malware floating around. The security features can be configured to lock it down as much as you need to.


The Turris Omnia has open hardware and runs open source. It has an open source operating system, giving you an infinite amount of options and variations to choose from. It will not work if you are not computer-savvy, because the system needs to be configured correctly.

The router supports speeds up to 800 Mbps, which is faster than most ISPs will allow, so don’t be disappointed that it can’t go beyond you 100 Mbps. It has a high-powered dual-core ARM CPU at 1.6 GHz with PC-like performance. It also offers 2 GB RAM, so it really will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. It is a dual-band router with 3 x 3 MU-MIMO.

  • 6 Ethernet ports
  • Speeds up to 800 Mbps
  • USB 3.0 port
  • 1.6 GHz CPU
  • Open source hardware
  • The design is bulky and boxy

Wireless vs Wired Connection For 100Mbps Internet

Even though WiFi has become the norm for most home networks, it is not going to be as fast as a wired connection would be.

When you wire in a device directly to your internet, it will not have to pass through any walls or obstructions in order to reach its destination. Instead, it can flow freely through the Ethernet cable.

WiFi has made some great strides, however. Ethernet continues to be faster, but the speed gap between wired and wireless coverage is continually shrinking.

You would never plug your smartphone into your router, but you can plug in a gaming system or any other device that needs a faster connection.

Is 100Mbps Internet Fast Enough? 

As so many speeds of internet are being advertised, it is easy to think that your 100 Mbps internet is simply not fast enough. It might feel that way, but the truth is that 100 Mbps internet is still considered high-speed.

100 Mbps internet is capable of streaming most things without any kind of issue. In fact, it is the average total speed of internet users in the United States, so there are still plenty of internets that are much slower. Even if it is not as fast as you want, it is still a decent speed to get the job done.

Final Words

Ultimately, when you are looking for the best router for 100Mbps internet, you will need to think about what your network needs. If you just need great performance and to make the most of your 100 Mbps, we suggest the Netgear Nighthawk R8000.

This router is powerful and high-speed, meeting the most common needs that a home network will have.

You might need a device that can perform even better than the R8000. For that, we found that the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 will do the job. Another hit from the Nighthawk line, the RAX120 is powerful and efficient. This is a great router for gaming networks.

There are several routers on the market that will efficiently take care of your network’s needs. Just think about what you want or expect from a router and then proceed carefully, looking at the amount of bands it has, the size of its RAM, and other features that might matter to you.

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